Bliss Spa

Hanuprasad Building, 2nd Floor, Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Chowk, Kalyan, Maharashtra 421301

Iconic spa

Hammam & Jacuzzi Available (Parking Available)

Madhav Commercial Complex 2nd Floor A Wing. Kalyan West Near by Station.

The bliss family spa

City Mall, Plot No p4, Kalyan Shilphata, Above Monginis Cake, Dombivali East

Diamond Massage Parlour

Hammam & Jacuzzi Available (Parking Available)

Address: 101, first floor, Arihant apartment Maji wada, Kapurwadi, naka, Thane West, Thane, Maharashtra 400607

Nisha Spa

Near, 102, 1 st floor, Shri Krisrishna complex, Dada Patel Wadi, Platform 1, Thane West, Thane, Maharashtra 400602

Visit a body massage parlour in Kalyan and keep your mind and body healthy.

In this fast forward era where everything is reachable in a time span of few seconds we have become more restless and patience less than before. Our life is no more a life but a race where we have to run as fast as possible because failure and delays are not what we can handle. Moreover, failures takes shape of depression, anxiety and expectations to perform better than before. So much of competition in professional life and chaos in personal life lead us to drown in the virtual ocean of social media for distraction, which is more dangerous. There is no doubt, life is tough but if we seek correct ways to increase our competency and abilities than we can conquer the world for sure.

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Massage therapy is one of the ancient techniques to keep your mind and body healthy. Only a health mind can be a source of creativity and will reside in a happy soul who is always ready to fight the odds with a smile on face. Treating your body and mind right is quite an underrated thing these days. As asking for your body and mind to do miracles without charging them with the much needed fuels will leads to repercussions like diseased body, sleepless nights, depression, hypertension, high blood pressure and body ache related to stress.

Body Massage Center in Kalyan

It will help you to get rid of all negativities either residing in your mind or in body. We are available with different Indian and exotic massage therapies like Swedish massage, Thai massage, oil therapies, foot massage and sports therap. We have also included female to male massage in Kalyan.

A massage is a fusion of activities like applying mild pressure, rubbing skin and kneading lightly to relax the contracted muscles and deep seated nerves beneath them. How can a massage in Kalyan be a panacea for you? Here are the reasons:

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It will help you to get rid of depression and diseases related to it: When you start thinking on things that are not going right in your life that thinking when intensifies takes the shape of stress and anxiety. If situation worsens you may fall abysmally in deep chasm of depression. Depression restricts you to live life to the fullest also it ruins your ability to perform at workplace. It also leads to several diseases which it turn may have severe repercussions. Massage therapy increases blood circulation due to which your cells starts getting proper oxygen and nutrients. It also releases dopamine and serotonin hormones which makes you feel happy.

It cures several acute and chronic diseases: There are several diseases like gastrointestinal diseases, diseases related to respiratory system like cough, asthma, bronchitis, severe headaches like migraine or chronic tension headaches, etc.

It reduces or eliminates pain: Whether the pain is due to an intense workout or it is menstrual cramp, giving your body a massage therapy will help you to perform your daily routine with ease. Also if there is a prolonged joint pain, spasm, sprains or feeling of lethargy due to long sitting hours at desk job will help you to release sore muscles.

Give a visit at our body massage center in Kalyan and feel the immense peace and relaxation. It will rejuvenate every cell of your body. Heal every hidden wounds and live your life to the fullest spa in Kalyan.